• Viva la Hofnik! Props for reppin’ us to the Portuguese-speaking community.
  • “We Are Looking For You, Arab Lover” — Not gonna touch that one w/a 10-ammos pole.
  • Endgadget reports, “It’s still a little harsh being a part of the Jew Crew outside a few select first world countries, but if you want to wear it out peep the Jewish Watch. Besides being, um, made in Israel, it displays in English or Hebrew, toggles between Hebrew and Gregorian calendars at sunset, and alerts you when it’s time to recite the Shema, light candles on Erev Shabbat, and other important events (never again will we miss a performance of the sardonically irreverent ‘Dibbick Schmibbick, I Said More Ham,’ or ‘Bubbie Stole the Kishka’). Our favorite part, though, is that while it’s programmable for any location in the world, it only comes pre-programmed for the classic seven Jewish hangout spots: Jerusalem, London, Tel-Aviv, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles. What, going somewhere else you think you’d rather be?”
  • McSweeney’s on Obscenities Uttered By Jesus.
  • NJOP to hold Blast Off, shofar blowing competition.
  • Rock journalist Al Aronowitz, famous for his work on Beat era authors, is dead at 77.

2 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. I still have the jewish watch i purchased back in ’96 importaed from israel, had english and hebrew dates, and flashed on top when in was days for al hanisim, yaale vyavo, etc.

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