Mishegas, Jewish Learning Edition

  • There’s an exhibit up at the Yeshiva University Museum called “Printing the Talmud”; their website features video footage of all different sorts of Jews getting their study on–from the Bratslav Yeshiva and Pardes today to Lithuanian and Polish yeshivot from the 1930s. It’s pretty awesome.
  • Limmud LA is coming up soon–February 15-18. Register now!
  • In case you haven’t met it yet, has a mind-boggling amount of seforim available.
  • RRC gets its own YouTube channel.
  • Aish now makes house calls.

3 thoughts on “Mishegas, Jewish Learning Edition

  1. It seems the one video of men and women studying together (Pardes, Conservative Yeshivah, HUC) is missing. Do you think it was taken down because someone complained? Or is the missing video just the result of a coincidental technical SNAFU?

  2. That Hebrew Books site is really, frighteningly cool. Has anyone checked out web yeshiva? You can have R. Brovender teaching you gemara in your own home – and ask questions. There was one woman and a bunch of guys in the shuir last night.

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