Mmm… Doughnuts…

This morning, Krispy Kreme opened their first store in Washington, D.C. to packs of hungry stateless consumers.

A cheer went up through the line of more than 150 people when a Krispy Kreme truck pulled up around 5:45 a.m., Tuesday.

First in line was Rami Genauer. He won a dozen free doughnuts each week for a year. Genauer said if there’s one word to describe his wait, it’s “irony.”

Genauer is an orthodox Jew who won’t eat the doughnuts because they’re not kosher. He plans to give them to the homeless.

Now that’s some yummy tzedakah.

11 thoughts on “Mmm… Doughnuts…

  1. That’s not entirely true. I was there last night (I was #8 on line) and I asked #1 whether they were kosher. He said that they will be getting certification in the next few weeks. He didn’t eat any when they were being handed out at 5:30 AM, but he said he planned on eating some once they were certified kosher.

  2. Just to be clear, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are typically kosher – although in the case of each shop, they are not kosher until said shop gets hashgachah (kosher certification) from a competent local authority. As has been pointed out, they are also not kosher for those who keep Chollov Yisroel – but if you keep that you probably shouldn’t even be reading this (unless its somehow part of your job… yeah). Anyhow, the final Kosher Krispy Kreme Kaveate is that doughnuts made on the sabbath are not suitable for consumption by Jews who keep kosher. They’re not exactly treif in that they’ll render everything they touch unkosher – but when you go to Krispy Kreme to satisfy your post shabbat munchies, you have to make sure that the freshly baked douhgnut you want to eqat was not in fact baked on the sabbath. So on motzaei shabbat, stick with the classic glazed, that’s the most popular flavor and the one least likely to have been on the shelf long (but always ask the staff anyway!).
    Oh. One last thing. One Krispy Kreme doughnut has the same fat and caloric content as an entire Big Mac apparently. Ewww….
    Enjoy! Beh Teavon!

  3. Well…if the D.C. branch ain’t kosher, he can always drive up to Baltimore to fulfill his Krispy Kreme nosh.
    It’s only 45 minutes and a yummy glazed away.

  4. From what i’ve heard and seen (if i remember correctly), there seem to be not just one, but [at least] *two* kosher McDonaldses in Israel – one in Mevaseret Tziyon, outside Jerusalem, and the other in Beit She’an at the northern end of the Jordan Valley (pre-’67 side of the Line)
    Haven’t been to either of them yet, though.

  5. McDonalds “food,” “kosher” or otherwise, is crap. So are Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I mean, have some, just to know what they are like – you know, for ejumucational purposes, but dang, stay away from that shit. Israel has got such good food that the idea that people are eating at McDonalds instead of having a yummy Malawach or something – man, that’s just wrong.

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