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Mmmm, Forbidden Shawarma

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is being eased out of sedation as I type right now, presumably in preparation for my arrival in Israel next week. (We have a big meeting where he intends to fund JewSchool and Jewish Fashion Conspiracy hipster identity projects.) Neurological improvement will be assessable within the next 36 hours, and in the meantime doctors are using some unconventional methods of stimulating the patient’s synapses:

Among the ways in which physicians hoped to stimulate Sharon’s senses Tuesday is to place a plate of shawarma, the sliced meat dish said to be the prime minister’s favorite, close enough for him to smell it, Army Radio reported.

If ya’ll have recommendations for shawarma in Israel so good as to rouse a man from a coma, could you post them here? I want to make sure I am awoken like this daily. It sure as shit beats Nescafe.
Full story from Haaretz.

9 thoughts on “Mmmm, Forbidden Shawarma

  1. ck,
    are you really in J-town? No one knows what a laffa is there 🙂
    I so miss king felafel right now. drool…

  2. No one is not going to understand you or laugh at you if you ask for a laffa instead of an eish tanor in Jerusalem. And Falafel king is gross. It might be cheap but I rather not have to watch some guy cough into his hands and then split open my pita with them in turn wipe his flem on the inside. Yuch. I go throw up now, yes?

  3. Gyro Meat and Beer is my new favorite place. Right next to Burger’s Bar on Emek Refaim. 24 sheqs in a lafa, but their giabettas are excellent.

  4. Felafel Oz right across from the Mashbir. Get eish tanur and keep loading up with their homemade salat turki and excellent tahina.

  5. great place, with all the ususal stuff plus eccentirc salad assortment: Rubin’s, a little up from Kikar Tzafra.

  6. Holy shit CK! I you’re thinking of the same place as I am.
    There is this one place on Agrippas St. right by Machaneh Yehudah with little wicker stools in back, and they sell shwarma in lafah for 15 shekels. It is probably the best shwarma I have had in Israel.
    Some of the worst shwarma I have had in Israel: across from Bonkers Bagels right by Yeshivat HaKotel.

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