Mobius is married!

Yesterday, Dan Sieradski, known as Mobius and founder of Jewschool, and Ris Golden married in a warehouse-turned-shul in Brooklyn amidst a niggun-chanting crowd sporting every head covering from black hats to rainbow kippot. Settler cousins and anti-occupation activists danced together, along with half the Jewish media conspiracy. And tweeted well-wishes poured in like milk and honey. There, tradition and innovation mixed — with a dash of rave — in a fashion unexpected and wholly expected.
Mobius is a man an unbridled passions, who never let lie an act of unjustice, a constant crusader. But yesterday, he was serene and beaming, bashful and gleeful, as he stood before his bride and best friend, Ris, to complete the marriage before faith and family that they already sealed in New York state court weeks before. Ris’ serenity and sweetness embued everyone with confidence, joy, and levity. The spirit of her father, who passed only weeks before, could be felt hovering over the processions, proudly and bittersweetly. Standing together like yin and yang, as their community escorted every step with niggunim and boisterous cheers, one felt that a little tikkun had healed in the heart of the world.
Mazel tov, Dan and Ris!!

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