Money Makes You Ugly?

Charles Bronfman

Edgar Bronfman

Michael Milken

Stephen Spielberg

Michael Steinhardt

Larry Tisch

Being that I’m convinced that I’ll never see a dime of Jewish establishment funding again, I’ve forgone all inhibitions with this one. After posting Michael Steinhardt’s photo in accompaniment of a piece below, I was stricken by the realization that, beyond their wealth and Jewishness, the one trait all major male Jewish philanthropists seem to have in common is, well, the fact that they’re all exceptionally unattractive. You have to wonder, why exactly is that? Don’t any good lookin’ guys like to throw the dough around? Yeesh, what a gruesome bunch! Spielberg’s the only salvagable character in the lot! I mean, Larry Tisch is dead, so he’s definitely not getting any prettier…

9 thoughts on “Money Makes You Ugly?

  1. Loshon hora again, you know, it’s considered equal to idol worship, licentiousness and murder combined, you really should quit it.

  2. We have a clear, decisive winner here, and that’s Michael Steinhardt (Tisch would have won but he conveniently died, thus rendering him ineligible). Charles Bronfman is OK-looking, as are Milken and Spielberg. I showed Steinhardt’s picture to my cat and he ran under the bed.

  3. I’m a jew and admit fuck were ugly- first of all speilberg is not salvagable hes a jew dog-now I had a nose job-still wearing the bandages so I won’t look as Jewish but no matter what I can’t fight off the bug eyes or short height-listen I have the inside goods on the jews-man the women are sooooooooooo ugly jewish men don’t want them and the jewish men are uglier-have you ever been on a jewish boat cruise-might as well commit suicide

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