More Anti-Disengagement Paraphernalia

First Lance Armstrong came out with the now ubiquitous yellow bracelet for cancer awareness. Soon followed the red bracelet for AIDS. Then, of course, the pink bracelet for breast cancer. Lest we forget Jewish World Watch’s green bracelet for Darfur (which I sport, both because I support the cause and because it matches my hat and sneakers). Of course, there are by now, dozens more rubber bracelets representing various competing causes and they’re seemingly all the rage with the kids. However the most popular “jelly” in the land of Israel today is not any of the above, no. Rather, all the yeshiva and seminary youth, as well as the srugie soldiers, are sporting these new orange bracelets from Gamla (the organization responsible for the ever-popular äòí òí âåù ÷èéó stickers), which read éäåãé ìà îâøù éäåãé — “A Jew does not expell a Jew.”
I caught my 18 year-old cousin wearing one the other day. When I asked him if he was really against the disengagement he said, “Meh. Everyone at school is wearing them. I thought it was cool.”
I see — instigating civil war is cool. Oh, kids these days!
[Update] My flatmate just got me the greatest sticker EVAR! It says éäåãé ìà øåöç øàù îîìùä — “A Jew does not murder the Prime Minister.” OH SNAP!

34 thoughts on “More Anti-Disengagement Paraphernalia

  1. I don’t really see how sporting those bracelets is instigating a civil war. Israel is at least technically a democracy, and isn’t it better to wear bracelets rather than shooting shit up? I mean the right could point to any sort of anti-settlement messages as instigating a civil war….and we go round and round.

  2. I see. Opposing the disengagement is insitgating civil war. Funny, I thought it was voicing your opinion, something conducive with being in a democracy.

  3. you guys act like there isn’t 6 tons of baggage that comes with that position.
    a jew should not expell a jew = anyone who uproots a gaza settler is not a jew = the israeli border police who will carry out the disengagement are legitimate targets.
    i’ve got srugie friends in the army telling me their friends in nakhlaot and tzefat have been sending their weapons to gush katif. maybe they’re just poppin’ shit, but either way, don’t play dumb like opposing disengagement is a mere expression of political difference. this is like backing the confederacy.

  4. Sorry Dan,
    the last line in the post was totally prejudiced.
    and just to remind you, the right-wing is warning about a civil war that Sharon is leading us towards, while the left actively wants one, and practically drools about the idea of a ‘second altelena’ where Rabin/Peres shot and killed right-wing Jews in the water. Do you envision this as well?

  5. And you forgot about the blue jelly bracelets to remind us of Jonathan Pollard’s struggle for freedom. But maybe you couldn’t care less about that either like most ‘liberal’ minded Americans.
    Shabbat shalom 🙂

  6. I am a big advocate for Jonathan Pollard. I am saddened by how the Jewish community within America has seem to have forgottan him. I think its horrible that he has been rotting away in jail for 20years only becuase he was a Jew spying for Israel. If he was an Arab spying for Iran he would have been out by now.
    I recetly talked to an advisor to sharon and I asked him about this and he said it is important but there are more important things…i disagree to a degree. This sould be on the top 10 list. He then said you cant push the American president..yes you can.
    I think we should have a massive rally in honor of Mr. Pollard in DC. Whos with me?

  7. “the right-wing is warning about a civil war that Sharon is leading us towards, while the left actively wants one, and practically drools about the idea of a ‘second altelena’ where Rabin/Peres shot and killed right-wing Jews in the water.”
    Don’t know if ‘right’ and ‘left’ makes the most sense in this context. Seems that the ‘crazy’ Jews want to stir up violence to *maintain* the status quo. The ‘sane’ Jews want disengagement so they can live in a state where they don’t have to worry about bombs on buses. Sharon is a regular Israeli guy looking to establish something like normalcy. Josh is obviously nuts.

  8. That’s a very large leap you made there in the inference that you drew from ‘a jew does not expell a jew.’ If the bracelets said ‘shoot the border police carrying out disengagement’ you would have an excellent point, but that is just not the case. Honestly, its enough of your free speech for me and not for thee.
    As for 6 tons of baggage coming from the anti-disengagement position, has it ever crossed your mind that your political positions are not exactly mainstream (I’m not saying that is bad) and there are plenty of people who can, and as I’ve seen in the short time perusing both this site and orthodoxanarchist, do call you out on. As I said before………and we go round and round.
    Anyways, don’t take any of this personally Mobius. You’re a good guy, who is generally doing the right thing, with a couple of kinks here and there that I disagree with (at least from what I’ve read online). We can’t all be perfect 🙂
    By the way, I recently found out I’ll be in Israel this summer and I’m hoping to swing by J-Town. What’s the deal with Neviim B’Pina for the summer?

  9. josh is a right-wing settler who lives in the west bank. he’s the prejudiced one. i’m not in favor of forcing people out of their homes.
    however, if those people are there a) for ideological reasons (such as those folks featured in the new frontline doc) b) jeopardizing the security of israel by putting soldiers’ lives at risk c) living at the expense of another group of people (namely palestinians whose statehood is jeopardized by the presence of continually expanding settlements), i can’t justify their presence there and refuse to allow them to co-opt judaism and jewish identity to make their case. you want to live in the shtakhim for whatever ideological purposes you have, go right ahead. but don’t demand that my taxes nor my life are put on the line in order for you to do so. ie., don’t demand that the state of israel supports you.

  10. There has been alot of weird invokations of democracy by the settlement contingent. But since there was never any referendum, or any other such democratic device, behind the settlement concept to begin with (only schnorrers like Rabbi Levinger), it is rather unreasonable to expect one when the state shifts the policy into reverse. Live by it/die by it (figuratively, of course), and quit whining already. I swear, there are no bigger or more obnoxious crybabies than the big bad conservative “manly men.”

  11. They should change the bracelet to read: “A Jew does not expell a Jew, but if a Jew does expell a Jew, the first Jew is still a Jew and the second Jew is still a nutcase”

  12. From reading the posts it seams that many people feel that ONLY their opinion is the valid one.
    The bracelets are what they are, Mobius, if your cousin is waring one because he thought it was cool, maybe a lot more people feel the same way. But just because some one is against the disengagement policy doesn’t mean they want civil war. Any more than the pro-disengagement proponents are necessarily in favor of forcibly removing people from thier established homes.
    My only real concern on disengagement, aside from the push that all sides seem to be making to instigage violence when the time comes, is that I don’t think the disengagement plan will truly achieve what it is proposed to achieve. That and frankly both side of the argument are nutcases apparently unwilling to even consider how thier perspective may be wrong.
    Mobius, Zionista, and Last of the Niggers seem just as far off base in this issue as the people they are attacking.

  13. Shavuah tov everyone.
    I called you prejudiced because you commented that everyone wearing an orange bracelet supports civil war.
    Then you stated that I’m a right-wing settler – therefore I’m prejudiced?
    Do you know what ‘prejudice’ means? According to your definition, everyone is prejudiced.
    BTW, since when do you pay taxes – don’t tell me that the 17% VAT means you can decide Israeli policy.
    Last Jew – I’m trying to clean the kitniot out this week, how about you?
    Sharon is a regular Israeli guy
    I really hope that regular Israeli guys are not like Sharon.
    There is no doubt, on the right and the left, that Sharon is the most corrupt leader we have had in the past 56+ years. The left media, in closed circles, talk about this and are letting it go for now so that their dream expulsion will go through.

  14. Although I have one of those bracelets, my friend Yishai and I were talking the other day about how much we want to see a “yehudi mazmin yehudi” campaign. i.e. Yehudi mazmin yehudi…laasot shabbat. yehudi mazmin yehudi…levaker et gush katif, lichbok, leehov, lenagev hummus ya’anu!, laazov et hashtuyot v’lichyot b’yahad.
    but yeah. yehudi lo megaresh yehudi. it is a fact. lets try and keep it that way.

  15. Unfortunately many secular left people are easy to call other’s opinions “instigations” and call for supression of ideas they don’t like. Their own ideas are important but those of others should not be allowed. Ronen said this and even Mobius said this above:
    “like backing the confederacy.”… “…and refuse to allow them to co-opt judaism and jewish identity to make their case.”
    We must understand the true nature of leftist secular Jews. They will call names and silence those who have opinions that they don’t like.

  16. Haze’ev,
    I am with you. But we have to put blame squarely where it belongs – on Israel.
    Israel sold him down the river. They pushed him out of their embassy when he ran for cover. They were worried about America then – exactly what they told you now “He then said you cant push the American president”!
    Haze’ev, in Jewish law it is forbidden to give up even one Jew even if they surround a whole city and threaten everybody if they don’t hand over one Jew. So what does he mean “but there are more important things” !!??
    You see when you don’t have God fearing Jews in control but rather have secular Jews who fear man -not God you can expect nothing different than what you have now.

  17. schmo, how much you wanna make a bet i’m frummer than you are?
    i’m not saying anyone’s ideas should be supressed. i’m not saying supporters of gush katif shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves. i’m not walking around tearing down the banners they’re hanging illegally all over this country. i’m not peeling bumper stickers off their cars. but i am saying that the basis of their desire to occupy those territories is rooted generally in an ideology that’s downright offensive to any palestinian and if our goal is truly peace, than these people need to be reigned in.
    finally, fuck 17% vat. i pay 50% on every shekel i earn here, not to mention, buddy, more so than anything else, that of the $20,000 i paid in US taxes every year for the last five years, a nice big chunk went to the state of israel. thus, defacto, americans have a say in what goes on here, simply for the fact that, if you didn’t have our money, you wouldn’t have a state.

  18. If that’s your point, then say it. Don’t equate orange jellies with civil war and then bring out the ‘I am against the Jews living together with Arabs’ stuff. That’s JB’s style, not yours.
    an ideology that’s downright offensive to any palestinian
    Thanks for not beating aroung the bush, but this could be a 100 response post by itself. We disagree on this, that’s nothing new. Then again, I find this opinion of yours offensive and so does every proud religious person who isn’t a meimad/Avrum Burg follower. Another fact is that Israel in it’s entirety is downright offensive to any palestinian – get it into your head jewboy.
    You’re a character, honest. I couldn’t care about the American aid and the best thing to happen to Israel would be to wean itself off it ASAP. That should be your goal, not dictating to Israel like some absentee landlord. BTW, I know that your taxes went to pay for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, not Israel. Did you learn about Tzedakah yet? After you give a panhandler/beggar money, you can’t tell him what to do with it. If you don’t want him wasting it on beer, dope, hookers, or butts, then specifically buy him something like food or clothes, otherwise either shut up or don’t give next time. And if you do give him food, don’t tell him how to eat it either.
    Have you heard of the ‘Paamonim’ (bells) organization? This settler tzedakah creation has representatives all over the country. They don’t believe in handing out welfare. They agree to give financial aid on the condition that the family takes part in a process to get out of debt and to return to self-sufficiency. You and your US of A, want a weak Israel to beat around. You call yourself a frummer, but you’d rather keep Israel a province of the US then actually see it decide it’s own Jewish policies. I’m the last one to claim who’s a better frummer than the next, but then again, we’re talking apples and oranges since you are not orthodox, so there’s no point in arguing about that either.
    what’s the point of arguing any of that this week. Time to clean out the chametz, primarily the spiritual chametz. There is also a very good chance the we will hear very, very good news soon vis-avis the geulah. Traditionally, we say that moshiach can come (be revealed) anyday, but apparently, there are certain stations, or waypoints, that are prime oppurtunities for this to happen. One, in general, is the whole month of Nissan, and specifically, this year, believe it or not. So instead of wasting time rehashing old baggage and talking with delusional people who think that segregation is the solution instead of trying to increase the peace and decrease the heat. Get ready for pesach. Tell us about that experience.

  19. “Last Jew – I’m trying to clean the kitniot out this week, how about you?”
    Josh, I’m Sephardi, (but I’m used to this sort of typical Schichnozi supremicist bullshit).
    Did Anne Frank clean out her kitniot?
    (You’re still crazy!)

  20. Mobius,
    you wrote: “i’m not saying anyone’s ideas should be supressed” but then …
    “offensive to any palestinian … these people need to be reigned in.”
    What exactly do you mean “reigned in?!”
    How do you explain the seeming contradiction in your words? Help me out here.

  21. talking & doing are two different things. they should be free to express their views. they should not be free to act on them when they jeopardize the livelihood of others.

  22. Hmmm only doing you’re aganst…
    How do you explain your refusing them to “make their case” – you wrote: “and refuse to allow them to co-opt judaism and jewish identity to make their case.”
    They can’t make their case? Not against them talking? Apparently you are against them talking. How do you explain what you yourself wrote?

  23. joe, that’s really pathetic. like, really, really, pathetic. are you that thick?
    i refuse to allow these people to claim ownership over judaism. that doesn’t mean preventing them from speaking, it means RESPONDING to what they say. LOUDLY.

  24. OK Nothing wrong with that.
    Unfortunately many are not willing to let them speak. Just witness that frontline documentary. You see Jews being put into administrative detension to “keep them out of circulation.”
    No charges – just to silence them.

  25. uh the fact that these people are orchestrating terror attacks against muslim civilians would have nothing to do with that at all, right? that’s just irrelevant…

  26. How do you explain the banning of the star-fist symbol?
    How do you explain the banning of a party from running for Knesset?

  27. where can i get the” éäåãé ìà îâøù éäåãé “bracelet in NY ?

  28. Do you have any idea where I can buy an orange bracelet, the ones people are wearing in support of Gaza? Please let me know, thanks shelomoATalfassa.com

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