More Bangin' Holy Land Hip-Hop

Every month I organize an event in Jerusalem called The Old Jeruz Cipher, a hip-hop freestyle session which transpires under the banner promoting religious and cultural tolerance in the Holy City. The event is hosted by esteemed Jerusalem MC and Israeli hip-hop pioneer Sagol 59, and most often features DJ Caress, a local hip-hop producer and DJ, manning the decks.
Caress recently appeared on “Hakatze” (“The Edge”), a hip-hop program hosted by infamous radio personality Eyal Friedmann aka Quami De La Fox on Galgalatz 91.8FM, Israel’s most popular music radio station. A live in-studio performance, Caress’ 35 minute set goes from straight-up hip-hop turntablism, to Yemenite classics, Indian pop, Israeli disco, 50’s blues, jazz-funk samples and more. Guest vocalists include Sagol 59, Taboo+ – a young, highly talented rapper from Holon, Shelly – the sublime female vocalist of acoustic Jerusalem folk outfit Visiting Hours, and The Archive – a hip-hop duo which has become a staple of the Tel Aviv underground rap scene.
It is offered as an exclusive download to Jewschool readers, with a caveat however: The person who recorded it apparently didn’t turn off ICQ and you can hear his IM sounds intermittently throughout the broadcast. Anyhow, get it while it’s hot. (49.4MB, 192k MP3)
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4 thoughts on “More Bangin' Holy Land Hip-Hop

  1. Dannybase, how can I get this on my iPod??? And also, I seriously think we need to discuss my plans to move home b’e’h

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