More Unsubstantiated Castro Bashing

As an addendum to my previous post on the subject, NewsMax is running a piece entitled “Castro Decimated Cuba’s Slowly Rebounding Jewish Community.” The only problem is, once again, there’s really nothing in the article to substatiate that headline whatsoever. Castro’s declaration of an “atheist state” may have prompted Jewish emigration; but it’s not like he was firebombing synagogues or making the practice of Judaism illegal. After 50 years you’d think we’d be past such red-baiting already.

And speaking of Cuban Jews, check out El Danzon De Moises (an exploration of Cuban Jewish music), with the Roberto Rodriguez Septet, featuring David Krakauer, Thursday, December 18 at the JCC in Manhattan.

6 thoughts on “More Unsubstantiated Castro Bashing

  1. I love bashing Castro for the things he does that are so objectionable. This may not be one of them. When I was in Cuba several years ago, I remember a pleasant walk through Havana on a Friday evening to services held openly at a long-standing synagogue.
    It is absolutely true that many Jews left after the revolution, but his had much to do with economic opportunity and little, if any to do with anything else.
    There are at least two movies on the subject, but they were done back in the ’90s – not sure I remember the names any more. Try a google search on “Havana Nagila”?

  2. That’s NewsMax’s way. It’s a propaganda paper, like Pravda. No real news. It’s all skewed to attack their “enemies”. I only real NewsMax with an eye on the spin and disinfo.
    So, from this, we know that the right wing is very much using any angle it can to appease and Jewish right. Even if the info in support is near to none. “Let’s start a rumor.”

  3. It reminds me of when I went to Nicaragua in the ’80s to research charges of antisemitism. We found six Jews in the country. Two were in the government.

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