Morning Becomes Israeli

I am excited to introduce the Diaspora to my friend Assaf Krauss (at far right in the photo), who besides being a total sweetheart and stylish dude, is the hardworking drummer behind the Israeli indie rock band missFlag. They sing in English, tour occasionally in the States, and bring the house down in Israel. When I saw these guys in Jerusalem during ROI120, there were all the requisite touches – cute indie rock tee shirts, misshapen hairdos, screaming girls…
Somehow, missFlag has caught the ears of KCRW’s uber-tastemaker Nic Harcourt and will be performing a live studio set this (Monday) morning at 11:15 AM Pacific, or on the web whenever you damn well please. Tune in…this is an enormous vote of confidence in the band. Kol hakavod for making it happen, guys. Welcome to the indie big time.
missFlag on MySpace

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