7 thoughts on “Moroccan Gate Collapsing

  1. “Moroccan Gate”?
    I have never heard this before. Is that really what is meant by the Al-Moghrabi gate? (If so, it would be interesting to hear the story behind it.)
    Moghrabi is, of course, simply Arabic for “Western”; the Moghrabi gate is the gate at the Western wall (the kotel). So I’d always assumed the al-Moghrabi gate was, as one might think, the Western gate.
    This “Moroccan gate” sounds like a gratuitous translation inserted into the BBC story by someone who doesn’t really speak Arabic but kind of knows that Morocco is called al-Maghreb (the Western kingdom) in Arabic, figured that the Moghrabi gate meant the Moroccan gate, and Bob’s your uncle.
    On the other hand, it would be interesting if this was something more than overzealous BBC orientalism, and the gate really was called the Moroccan — anyone know the story?

  2. “Arabs blame Jews.” – for what? They’ve been doing illegal excavation under the Temple Mount for years, despite warnings from archaeologists and structural scientists that their digging would result in the collapse of the Mount and surrounding structures. So how are they blaming the Jews now? “We’re blaming you for- telling us it was wrong- and, uh, not trying to stop us more!!” ????

  3. The Israelis have been excavating under the Temple Mount for years as well. But read the article, Hamas articulates their belligerent idiocy nicely.

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