Most Ashkenazi E-mail Subject Line Ever?

Think for a second about the e-mail subject line you’ve seen that is the most evocative of American Judaism. I wouldn’t want to presume that all American Jews are Ashkenazim so let’s refine the search to Ashkenazi-American culture.
I just got an e-mail over a Jewish listserv with this title:

health question – pickled herring during pregnancy?

From topic, to phrasing, to foods it has to be in the running for the most American-Ashkenazi Subject Line, Ever. What would the other contenders be?
Also, does anyone have an evidence-based answer? I am sure the original e-mailer would be interested to know.

4 thoughts on “Most Ashkenazi E-mail Subject Line Ever?

  1. I’d actually like to ask certain people what’s the most Syrian-Sephardic subject line they’ve ever seen.

  2. so my wife is a birth assistant and birth educator and according to her, while some people say that certain pickled foods should not be consumed by some pregnant women, fish like herring are especially good for pregnant women. Small, non-carnivorous fish which are high in EFAs (sardines, herring, et al) are good for pregnant women. Maybe this is the origin of the email?
    And BBN, I’m not sure if it qualifies, but I once received an email with the subject line “how much harif is too much harif?”

  3. What’s funny is that I never ate pickled herring until I started going to Christmas Eve smorgasbord with my husband’s Swedish family. My husband and his siblings hate it. I and all the other spouses love it. Our mutual love of pickled herring is one of the few things my father-in-law and I have in common.
    In my first pregnancy, I avoided just about all fish because I was worried about mercury. But my recent reading backs what Justin’s wife says (though I’m just an interested amateur, not an expert). Smaller fish lower down the food chain have a lot of good stuff and way less of the bad stuff that fish pick up from the environment. I have no plans to hold back from pickled herring with the next one.

  4. This is great…
    Other subject lines in the running for the award:
    – Be careful! She got the virus, Sadie, on the computer
    – He’s engaged! She’s Jewish!
    – Fw: You know you are from Bialostok when…
    – Nu, what are we doing for the yuntif?
    – Did you eat?
    – ACH Feh
    – Again with the calls the Federation
    – Opening Day on Kol Nidre! Anti-semites they are!
    – Baruch Ha’Shem gonif not Jew
    – Mah Jong? Need fourth
    – You’re sure he’s not Jewish?
    – Snuggie on Shabbos, va den?
    – Goyim Nachis this email business

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