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Most charming new high school holiday

Just in case you missed this last week, a high school in St/ Louis has suspended at least four students for hitting Jewish classmates on the newly coined “Hit a Jew Day.” Kidding, right? Nope.

It began with an unofficial “Spirit Week” among sixth-graders that started harmlessly enough with a “Hug a Friend Day.” Then there was “High Five Day.”
Soon, though, the days moved from friendly to silly. Next there was “Hit a Tall Person Day” and, finally, “Hit a Jew Day.”
…”There is a mix of sadness and outrage,” [District spokesperson Paul] Tandy said. “The concern is a lot of kids knew about it and they didn’t take action or say anything.”

My question … why wasn’t anyone outraged at students hitting inventing an excuse to hit people until it got to ethnic ugliness? Your tax dollars at work….WTF?

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