Move over Kushner, you're not the only scandal in town

By now, many of us have read about the turmoils and tribulations of Jack Abramoff the D.C. lobbyist and (ex) friend of embattled Tom DeLay. With each passing news cycle, comes fresh and startling information about the sordid business dealings of this Orthodox Jew. Newsweek recently reported that Abramoff, unethically siphend monies he had received from various Native American groups and, instead of directing the funds to Washington power brokers, Abramaoff donated the cash to an Israeli West Bank town to help arm Jewish settlers against Palestinians. As well, Newsweek reports, Abramoff directed more funds to the “Kollel Ohel Tiferet” in the Israeli outpost of Beitar Illit. As if that wasn’t damning enough, yesterday the New York Times Magazine spent six whole pages profiling Abramoff and going into much more detail about his shady financial issues. Some highlights include: helping get Ralph Reed in trouble and starting and closing the Eshkol Academy, a Jewish day school in the outskirts of Baltimore, without paying many of the teachers. A class action lawsuit is now pending from those rabbis and teachers against Abramoff. With all the trouble he’s in, that may be the least of his concerns.

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