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Moving beyond the Hamas "third rail" — Congress calls for a ceasefire

What is a “third rail” anyway? Do subways and trains even have dangerous “third rails” anymore?
Regardless of its modern day relevance, the “third rail” is an often-heard political term for the undiscussable, unapproachable topics – the ones that are too “charged” to deal with.
In the U.S. Congress, engaging Hamas is one of those “third rails.” Nobody wants to talk about it, think about it, or deal with it – unless it’s just to bash Hamas and condemn rocket attacks (which deserve to be condemned).
So, it shouldn’t go unnoticed when a serious Congressional sign-on letter begins circulating Capitol Hill that argues for a number of solutions to the ongoing crisis in southern Israel and Gaza — including a Hamas-Israel ceasefire.
Led by Representatives David Price (D-NC) and Ray LaHood (R-IL), the Price-LaHood letter to President Bush urges him to reinvigorate Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking and pursue efforts to end the crisis in southern Israel and Gaza, in light of the President’s upcoming visit to the region, where he will be celebrating Israel’s 60th. It urges solutions including: exploring a ceasefire, ending the Gaza blockade, addressing the smuggling of weapons, and, of course, condemning rockets.
The Price-LaHood letter is the first Congressional initiative to seriously and comprehensively deal with the crisis in Gaza and southern Israel. Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, Americans for Peace Now, and the new J Street all support the letter.
The Price-LaHood letter closes for signatures this Monday, May 12th. Please call YOUR Rep Today!

2 thoughts on “Moving beyond the Hamas "third rail" — Congress calls for a ceasefire

  1. Of course there is a third rail in most subways, and it can give you a fatal shock. 600 volts in NYC.
    Thank the KBH that this is not a real third rail.

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