Mukasey is an MOT.

FYI, although neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post mentioned it in their stories today, JTA reports that Michael Mukasey, Bush’s nominee for Attorney General, is an Orthodox Jew. If appointed, he will be the second Jewish Attorney General in American history. It’s nice, on several levels, that this fact was considered irrelevant to the hard news in the mainstream press.
JTA writes:

Mukasey’s Jewishness became an issue when a defendant in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing filed a motion to remove the judge, arguing that his allegiances to fellow Jews and Israel would create a bias against Muslim defendants. The motion was dismissed as “utterly irrelevant.”
Mukasey’s wife, Susan, is a former headmistress of the Ramaz Lower School, an Orthodox Jewish school in New York City.

Full story.

4 thoughts on “Mukasey is an MOT.

  1. sounds like he will be a kesher israel guy if he lives in the city or perhaps ohev shalom if he chooses the burbs. other shul picks?
    i am guessing not TLS.

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