Multifaith Mishegaas

3 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. Comparing Rosa Parks with Nachshon makes some sense to me. She took a brave step forward when others feared to do so; in some ways that’s analagous to his leap into the waters of the Sea of Reeds. What’s your beef with the comparison?

  2. Who would guess the Reform Movement would cum all over itself over a civil rights heroine? The only time the Reformed ones invoke the Torah is when it is a civil rights issue, or to bring a source to prove the exact opposite of classical Jewish values.
    The poor Reform Movement of America. Still pretending for the sake of decorum that Jews and Blacks are in the same boat, and still have an alliance that in fact ended acrimoniously in the late 60’s.
    It was just a fling. It ended badly. It’s been almost 40 years.
    Time to move on.

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