12 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. as a carry over from the other post:
    Religion aside, since when did the questioning of mainstream orthodoxy in science become something progressive thinkers oppose.
    We are at a point where if there was actually another, or more complete, scientific theory to explain the origin of man, it would never be explored, or see the light of day.

  2. Wow populist amir peretz is winning the labor primary. This is a real event! He will tie peace to helping Israelis inside the green line as much as they are helped if they move to the west bank. By giving them assistance to start households and build schools. This will kill secular support for the relgious zionists, among the oriental Jews.

  3. “Again Jak: What alternative more complete scientific theory do you propose?”
    You clearly missed the point of my post, which isnt too surprising considering it was in english.

  4. You forgot the comment in isn’t. You should never do a grammar flame, unless you are perfect yourself. Now go back to your playpen!

  5. I’ve been up since four in the moring, I am paying attention to election results, and maybe your content free, unimportant flames are just too boring to respond to in a consciencious manner. Either way. May I show you my middle finger?

  6. It’s official! Peretz won it. He will hold talks with Sharon on early elections. Peres appears to be contesting though, and some Peretz elections in the past haven’t quite passed the smell test.

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