Multifaith Mishegaas: We heart Xmas edition

One thought on “Multifaith Mishegaas: We heart Xmas edition

  1. Hello,
    I checked out MSNBC site… Boy are they trying to make it look like the Jews just ‘love’ xmas… Isn’t that Rabbi Gellman one happy goyim, he even thinks that Christ is a messiah…
    Oy Vey…
    My take is that the Goyim have Xmas for a reason… We have Channukah for a reason. If and when the Goyim really want to understand the meaning of Channukah, I am prepared to relate the story… I know the story of Xmas, cannot escape it’s grasp as it is broadcast on Radio, TV, the internet constantly.
    It is true people can believe what they want. This doesn’t make what they believe true. I refuse to let Xmas make me feel down. It is good if people truely feel better as a result of Xmas, but mostly I see the negative side.
    I will say Merry XMas to friends I know who really appreciate it, just as they will say Happy Channukah to me because they care about my spirit. The vast majority of people saying Merry Xmas are doing it because it is what they are ‘supposed’ to say.
    I wish Shalom {Peace} to all at this time of the year. Just don’t expect me to get with the XMas feeling or anything. I have a lot of disappointment about how Xtians relate to Hashem and as a result I look down on their little pagan festivals.
    Sorry about that…
    Michael U

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