MWU on Finkelstein

Muslim Wakeup! has an interview with controversial author Norman Finkelstein here. I’ve read his work and, frankly, I’m not much of a fan. My mom is actually working on a thorough fisking of his most recent book The Holocaust Industry, which I’ll be posting to the site in the near future. Apparently she attended or was involved with a fair amount of the events and incidences he refers to in his book, and, as far as she’s concerned, he’s full of shit. I look forward to sharing her findings…

In the meantime, Dennis Prager attacks Finkelstein as being a self-hating Jew, in a piece intended to demonstrate why Michael Moore is a self-hating Americanski.

4 thoughts on “MWU on Finkelstein

  1. Finkelstein is quite the peice of shit… no really. He came to my campus (University of Waterloo)… proceeded to call the Canadian Jewish Congress (the national Jewish organization) a Nazi-like organization… insulted a German girl for crying because of his non-stop use of Nazi allusions.
    for the full info go to http://tinylink.com/?kesd98NjPh
    If i never hear him again it’ll be too soon.

  2. I agree with all the statements listed above, and wish to contribute my own:
    Norman Finklestein is a scrotum sucking, boner biting, big floppy donkey dick motherfucker, as well as an incredibly pathetic putz. The embodiment of the self-hating Jew is N.F. and the sooner he gets his sorry ass off the world stage, the better.
    Holocaust Industry? Kiss my ass, Jew-hater.

  3. Self-hating Jew? I dunno about that. I think that designation lends him more credibility than he deserves and puts him in some rather, err, relatively august company. Whenever I see Finkelstein in action I feel more like I am in the presence of someone who is clinically insane – definitely some kind of pathology at play there.

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