My dear Jewish siblings, please take notes

An internet posting that references Middle-Eastern violence and politics draws over 110 comments, not a single one (yet) is racist / ranty / threatening / sociopathic.
Is it possible that someone out there still has a sense of humor?
I think the organized Jewish community needs another lesson from the LOLcats

Best responses to date..
“Arracat no wants peace talks. he wants a piece of tuna instead”
“Iz kitteh a terrerrist? Oar a freedum fyter?” “depends on Ur purrspective”
“Kitteh is chairmans of teh PLO (PissedOff Lolcat Organization)”
“Yassir Arracat shuuda gambled on Camp David. Then, he mite hab had teh hole libing room, instead ov juss a fuglee sofa. Bebeh steps, kitteh, bebeh steps.”
“I can has ’67 borders and rite ov return?” “no but U can haz sofa from ’67, sayz likud cat to arracat” “I doan want teh rite to return to teh ’67 sofa.”

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