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  1. your friends tell you that these are not antisemetic experiences, these are anti-statist, anti-ractist, and anti-oppression experiences. It is unfortunate that some of the students took that as anti-semetic, but it couldn’t be further from it. In fact, the article by Danielle Posen shows how she is upset by a comparison between Hitler and Bush. Haven’t you made similar comparison’s Mobius?
    Your friends tell you you’re paranoid because you’re not focussing on the real issues.

  2. are you going to discredit all of the experiences presented in those various testimonies by hinging on one point someone made in one instance that i disagree with?

  3. actually, I believe that was her only complaint. As for the others…Hannah Wortzman was attacked. I would not say that they were anti-war protestors. They were fucking freaks who probably should be locked up for attacking individuals like that. Julie Weitz again brings up the Sharon-Hitler comparison which I’ve already covered, the Magen David-Swastika image which I’ve always thought wasn’t appropriate but really isn’t much different then the sharon-hitler thing, the complaint about the Israeli flag which is anti-state not anti-jew, and the ISO people, who, as we all know, are freaks as well. I didn’t notice any critique of anti-war movement stuff from Tali Griffel.
    Like I’ve told you before, I’ve heard plenty of anti-muslim speak from co-workers, friends, and yourself. I’ve never heard someone make an anti-semetic comment. These are just my experiences though.

  4. i’m not anti-muslim and i don’t make anti-muslim comments. i’m anti-psychos-who-use-religion-to-justify-their-gross-misdoings.

  5. you have said these words, “They want to kill me and my family.” And when you said they, you were referring to muslims and people who supported muslims. I’ve heard you say it a ton of times. If you like I’ll post IM discussions. Is that anti-muslim? If I said, “All jews want to kill me,” would that be anti-jewish?

  6. and the coworker told me “The middle east problem won’t get solved until all the arabs are gone. They’re lazy. They wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t oil. Israeli needs to destroy them all.” paraphrasing of course. Tell me you’ve never heard this line of reasoning before. Tell me there’s not much more anti-muslim/arab sentiment floating around then anti-semetic.

  7. you’re taking words out of context and distorting what i said.
    you have said these words, “They want to kill me and my family.” And when you said they, you were referring to muslims and people who supported muslims.
    i did not say muslims, i did not say palestinians. i said islamic extremists–hamas, hizbollah, islamic jihad. and guess what, it’s true. don’t distort what i said.

  8. Everyone knows that the character of todays left is that of the Nazi right in the 1930s. The hatred, the venom, the assaults, everything about the left is actually the way of the right. If you wear a kipa in canada or in europe, who will attack you first. (A) A leftist (B) a neo-nazi (c) a muslim??? First will come A, then perhaps C, but never or very rarely B. The leftist associates everything jewish with Israel, the star of david, a kippah, a synogouge, Hillel. This is how the left is the anti-semite. Becuase if a leftist anti-Israel demonstation is taking place and they see Jews on their way to Synogouge, then they will shout “killers” and “terrorists” and “end the occupation” and “nazis”. This is the rhetoric of the left. it is why when you go to a booksotr books such as ‘The Case for Israel’ will be defaced with the word “Nazis” over the star of david. This is the real left. Everyone must know the left, remmember what it is, because todays left, well its not so different then those leftists who built the gulag or those leftists like Chomsky who defended Pol Pots cambodia, or those leftists who aided the Islamic revolution and made sure every woman in Iran must wear a Headscarf(by law). THis is the left. It is as bad, perhaps worse then the right, and in it has ‘points of similarity’ with the Nazis, in rhetoric, action, and thought. It would happily burn books, burn flags, and as we all know…burn people.

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