My Holocaust Is Bigger Than Yours!

I wrote about Armenian holocaust denial in the past . Haaretz has an article worth reading on the issue:

Next week marks the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Turkey. On April 24, 1915, some 300 Armenian leaders – authors, intellectuals and professionals – were arrested in Constantinople, deported and eventually exterminated. On that day, 5,000 more Armenians were murdered in the capital of the Ottoman empire. In the following years, 1.5 million of the 2.5 million Armenians living in Turkey were liquidated.
[…] The use of the word “holocaust” in the Armenian context raises objections in another quarter – Yad Vashem and other Jewish organizations object to it, wishing to preserve the Holocaust as a unique term to mark the Nazi liquidation of the Jews.
[…] Professor Yair Auon of the Open University, author of the recently published “The Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide,” expressed disappointment that Israel, as a state that represents the Holocaust survivors and is supposed to be more sensitive than other countries to the suffering of other nations, does not recognize the Armenian genocide. “Israel’s approach to other nations’ genocide, and especially the Armenian genocide, harms our struggle to make the Holocaust part of the collective memory of human society. While we help Turkey deny the genocide – and Israel has regrettably become Turkey’s staunchest aide in its denial policy – we are in fact desecrating the Holocaust’s memory,” he says. Auron and Yona Weitz, a Hebrew University anthropologist, quoted Shimon Peres’ statements about the Armenian genocide. In 2001, when he was foreign minister, Peres told Turkish Daily News that, “It is a tragedy what the Armenians went through, but not a genocide.” Auron said Peres’ position reflects Israel’s official stand today as well.

Full story here.

8 thoughts on “My Holocaust Is Bigger Than Yours!

  1. Also, the accidental deaths of 100,000 homosexuals who all simultaneously slipped on used condoms (which they dirtied with their filthy homosexual behavior) and broke their necks, isn’t really genocide because faggots are not a “genos” and the whole shebang could’ve been prevented with abstinence. However, had the number been closer to 6 million (the cutoff is 4.7 million), eyyyyyyyyyyyy we’ll take a look at it.
    Exactly what goes through the minds of the Holocaust uniqueness arguers regarding the rage this produces? What the hell moral reason does anyone have to care about any holocaust (or any historical event for that matter) if, instead of representing a danger that potentially threatens all and could repeat, is just some atomized set of dates?! Do you (not you but the people arguing this) honestly not think we have anger like you? Probably they are as unconcious of it as American students in the 50s getting taught about the menacing Injuns.

  2. What? I’m sorry. I’m not sure I get the reference to gay folk. Right now it reads like homophobic ranting. Is that your intention?

  3. I like the “death per minute” assessment and put forth the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima as most worthy of the title “Holocaust”.

  4. Definitely not knocking the Armenian Holocaust, but anyone bother talking to Russian olim? It’s incredible how much history they have that us ‘Americans’ like to ignore. Apparently, more Russians died at the hands of Stalin then the Jews and Armenians put together.
    Does that not count for anything?
    Another thing;
    Mob don’t you now see the fine line ‘diplomacy’ must walk in the name of ‘peace’? You glorify the power that the US has over Israel and what it must do to satisfy Uncle Sam, yet choose to ignore that the Israelis are walking a tightrope with Turkey, a ‘moderate’ Islamic country, that will not ‘like’ it if we recognize the ‘Armenian Holocaust’.
    Do you think it’s worth it to call the kettle black in Turkish?

  5. Josh-
    Hitler’s motive was racist imperialism. Had the Holocaust been allowed to come to finish, his largest target group (going just by the numbers) would not have been Jews in the end but Slavs. Consider that Stalin’s monstrosity was never stopped and Hitler’s was.
    Stalin’s motive, security, was not only legitimate but indistinguishable from the one that currently has Freedom’s Land locking up random Muslims.
    Going just by numbers is not moral inquiry; it should let Pol Pot right off the hook.

  6. If you know history you know the Soyuz faced intense opposition by formal armies, by militias and by terrorism, from day one. Their answer, like the similarly infiltration-plagued early Maoists, was to use shotguns for sniping, but that doesn’t mean that orphan’s powdered milk was never spiked by Nazis with detergent, or that they were never ionvaded by a large and powerful international coalition, or that there was no terror (and we mean terror, not Kronstadt or Makhno but senseless killing).
    So they had this ham-handed answer to a real problem that in a different setting could’ve been dealt with more accurately and less bloodily.
    All of which is categorically different from eugenics purifying and bettering superhumans.
    So yes.
    It wasn’t justified, but neither are the cops who shoot the wrong guy looking for a murderer, and that’s still better than the murderer seeking to clean up the streets.

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