My Radio Only Plays Arutz Sheva

Adaptation is the mother of survival, and right wing Israeli radio is no exception. Ever since Arutz 7 (aka, Arutz Sheva, aka Israel National Radio/News) was banned from Israel’s radio frequencies, A7 has only been able to broadcast over the internet. But thanks to new Japanese transmission gadgets, Israelis can now listen to A7 radio, all day every day on a personal device without an internet connection. A thousand “radios” have already been preordered. Full Story

4 thoughts on “My Radio Only Plays Arutz Sheva

  1. This is awesome and sad at the same time.
    Awesome: give the people what they want, the truth won’t be stifled anymore,
    Sad: the government, by banning arutz7 from the airwaves, will now be responsible for segregating the airwaves. A7 listeners will now only listen to one station when in the past, they could hop frequencies to the other stations.

  2. Why was Arutz 7 banned from Israel’s radio frequencies??? They’re great, especially Ben who aired the recording of the Jerusalem mima’amakim show a few months ago. And Yishai F is a great dude too, I remember him from YU days.

  3. that is way old news jake, it was like a year ago. and even when it wasnt, it is not a govt sanctioned, illegal station

  4. So, one radio, one station? It’s a nice idea for those who can’t get Arutz Sheva, but why not one that gets all the stations?? For a democracy, Israel is rather thin skinned when it comes to dissent.

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