Nanoo, Nanoo! ShaBot!

Providing a gleeful Yiddishe alternative to Exploding Dog and Diesel Sweetie‘s Red Robot, Ben Baruch brings us ShaBot 6000, a try-weekly (ie., he’ll try to post one a week) comic strip inspired by Yaakov Kirschen’s Dry Bones, about a Hebrew robot and his chasiddishe friend Hershel.

A [purportedly] direct descendent of the Vilna Gaon, Baruch has been asking unconventional questions about Judaism ever since he was a young boy in Yeshiva. “While my queries about the Jewish faith were often met with disapproval,” says Baruch, “my passion for finding humor in religion only grew stronger. Eventually, I found that my only outlet was to express these feelings in the form of an innocuous comic strip.”

Innocuous, indeed: The comic’s been turned down by a slew of Jewish publications from The Forward to Heeb. Well, sorta. It’s pretty damn funny tho, so we’ve decided to run it here on Jewschool til someone actually wants to pay him for it. Baruch Hasem for free content!

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