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Natalie Portman Curses?

haaretz button linkWhat happens when a reporter from Haaretz decides that American Jewish culture is being replaced by the internet, and that ROI 120 is a conference designed to advance that project? You get a horrible, rambling article, with a really bad title that mentions some great people. But, really bad title. I mean, who on Earth would think that an article on the American Jewish internet would hide behind this link?
Anyway, once you get there, you’ll find an article that begins with JewTube, gives our very own Sarah and Chosen Couture props, slides along the bay to Tomer Altman and Oy Bay, before wrapping up with a big hand to Jewschool for representing the serious side of the Jewnet.

8 thoughts on “Natalie Portman Curses?

  1. This is just another proof that
    (1) ISraelis are not Jews, not culturally, anyway, and
    (2) They (we?) have no idea what Jews are and what they do when they’re in a different country and
    (3) what Jewish culture is.
    This is yeat another crummy article in haaretz about American Jews, a sequel of sorts to the one about Jewish schools.

  2. There’s just one reporter in Haaretz who might know something about US Jews and that’s Shmuel Rosner. The others have no idea.

  3. oh and by the way, i have nothing to do with chosen couture apart frmo wholesaling a few tee shirts to them. this guy got it all wrong. i can’t believe i wasted an hour talking to him.

  4. Thanks for the love, Josh. And for your unparalleled hospitality for me and others on Shabbat in Ir HaKoidesh! 🙂 I acknowledged you on Oy Bay’s post, too.
    Amen, Sarah. Queen Esther rightfully ridicules the fact that I have been crowned unilaterally “Minister of the Bloggy Interior” by Barkat. :-p

  5. Are you the Josh Frankel that attended Mary A. Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael, CA? This question is posed by Andrew J. Lagomarsino and Mathew J. Ontjes your possible classmates of that era. Your art has progressed well from that time if you are who you say you are. We miss your witty repitoire. (I spelled that wrong.) Matt just pissed his pants. He feels warm. Hit me if you are the person in question.

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