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Ah, a website after my own heart. The title alone puts it into my RSS reader.
Designist Dream (say it slowly, y’all) is a fun new blog watching Israeli design, architecture and fashion. It’s also got a totally worthwhile Chanukah gift guide. Time is short, so if you’re in Tel Aviv, run-don’t-walk to pick up a ridiculously cool underwater lamp or Israeli phone token cuff links today!
Seriously, though, there is so much great design around every corner in Tel Aviv (and beyond) that it’s great to see people starting to promote it on English websites. I look forward to watching this site grow.

One thought on “New blog alert

  1. There’s an immense amount of Israeli culture and social issues that people don’t see outside of Israel and in Hebrew.
    That’s why I started my blog about Israeli wine – to bring the wonders of Israeli wine to a wider audience outside of Israel.
    HaKerem: The Israel Wine Blog

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