16 thoughts on “New Forward 50

  1. Congratulations to Matisyahu, and I don’t feel good raining on his parade, but come on. Influentially speaking, I don’t see how he can hold a candle to Jon Stewart.

  2. Say what? I thought the neocons are the ONLY influential people in America.
    But seriously, the list is off the wall. Where are Joe Lieberman, Ken Mehlman (Republican Chairman), Rahm Emanuel (Dem attack-dog Congressman), Andy Grove (Intel), Howard Dean’s wife (kidding, maybe), David Stern (get this man to run Major League Baseball, please!), Breyer and Ginsburg (feeling outnumbered, guys?), Paul Wolfowitz (OK, one neocon), William Kristol (one more), Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David (doesn’t say it has to be a GOOD influence), Philip Roth (ditto) and, unfortunately, those con men who run the Kabbalah Centre?

  3. Just goes to show the Forward don’t no sh*t – I think history might show us that ‘Mobius’ was far more influential in 2005 than Matis…! So Mobius doesn’t have a Sony contract or appear on MTV – (yet!) Matis… – is gonna be a ‘flash in the pan’ phenomena, for God’s sake – he’s just a freak show! by 2006-7 you’ll be saying ‘Matisya-who?’

  4. My house is a decayed house, 
    and the jew squats on the window sill, the owner, 
    Spawned in some estaminet of Antwerp, 
    Blistered in Brussels, patched and peeled in London. 
    The goat coughs at night in the field overhead; 
    Rocks, moss, stonecrop, iron, merds 
    The third world flock in three to a bed
    Crime, filth, rapine, hate follow in train
    complete the jews’ work
    The eternal destroyer has
    Extinguished the light again

  5. nice poem – a little anti-semitic and therefore, to be honest, a bit cliched. It probably says more about your own ‘house’ – that is – your own inner self – than the cosmic nature of the ‘Jews’. But thank you for sharing! really very insightful glyms into your psyche.
    Wow – just imagine neo-nazis may not go for psychotherapy or counselling – because they think it was invented by Jews! has anyone come up with some ‘kosher’ counselling for anti-semites? ie. without any Freudian / Jewish influences?

  6. what about 50 shekel? He continues to defy the boundries of sucking in our time! First he sucked as the worst jewish parody rapper of all time, and now has completely transformed into a jew for jesus who makes techno covers that suck even worse! Maybe, next he’ll become an Islamic Country singer who covers Hillary Duff! Maybe i just feel passive agressive today…

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