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New Israel Fund Forums All Over The Place

This should have been posted last week, but I just found out about it today.
The New Israel Fund is sponsoring symposia all over the U.S. and in Toronto (which is like an American city, but Canadian) this week and over the next week or two, in honor of Israel’s impending 60th birthday. The goal:

NIForum 2007 is a week-long series of events around North America, challenging Israelis and Diaspora Jews to imagine a more just, equitable and pluralistic state.
Featuring activists and leaders from Israel, the NIForum is the only series that focuses in depth on social issues in Israel. The events will offer progressive supporters of Israel a platform for dialogue on vital questions affecting Israel today: How can a Jewish and democratic state also become a real home for its Arab citizens? How can a state founded on the ideals of equity regain fair social and economic policies? How can equality for the various streams of Judaism and true religious pluralism be attained?
As Israel nears its 60th anniversary, we invite you to be a part of a dialogue about supporting Israel – and changing it for the better. Join us to explore the issues that will impact Israel’s future. Meet the activists and leaders shaping Israeli society. And be a part of a frank and honest discussion of the choices Israel faces as it strives for ideals not yet attained.

The events in Philly, Boston, Toronto and DC have already happened, but there will be events in NYC, SF, Chicago, Miami, LA and Seattle happening between October 21st and 28th.
More specifically:
New York City Sunday October 21
Chicago Monday, October 22
Miami Monday, October 22
Los Angeles Tuesday, October 23
Seattle Wednesday, October 24
San Francisco Sunday October 28
For more information on the forums themselves and the events in your city, go here.

8 thoughts on “New Israel Fund Forums All Over The Place

  1. “Toronto (which is like an American city, but Canadian)” – Does anyone want to say obnoxious American imperialistic attitude?

  2. Danya, I was kidding too – and it is a great city (particularly the muffins); and David, what’s vile about an effort to create more public awareness of a hopefully small segment of the Muslim population that hides behind their religion to promote terrorism; and finally, congratulations to Bobby Jindal, a first generation American whose parents come from India, who has just won the governorship of Louisiana.

  3. (Just to clarify for anyone who didn’t know that that was a non sequitur: Bobby Jindal is a conservative Christian, not a Muslim.)

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