New Israeli indie comp from The Blind Janitor

The Blind Janitor, an Israeli site for all things indie and alternative, have released a free internet only compilation album of some of Israel’s best independent artists.
Featuring new music by Sagol 59, The Astroglides, Yehuda Ledgley, Morphlexis, Gotel Botel and more!
Readers of the ancient language of our people can check it out at the Blind Janitor, all others head on over to Zion B’ayin.

4 thoughts on “New Israeli indie comp from The Blind Janitor

  1. hmm no blog about how the israeli idf soldier who was arrested fore being a neo-nazi and drug possesion.

  2. what’s the deal with israelis singing in english? can someone tell them that lame alternative rock only becomes interesting when there’s some kind of twist, in this case, lame alternative rock sung in hebrew?

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