15 thoughts on “New Jewschool design live in effect

  1. hide your opinions behind your anonyminity much? i’m glad you think it blows. and i don’t give two fucks who it offends. have a nice life.

  2. The new design is hot but I would change “Straight Ghetto” to “Straight Pogrom”. It’s bad enough seeing Robin Williams act like he’s down with black people.

  3. btw, not trying to insinuate that black people are the only ones who live in ghettos, just that they popularized that phrase.

  4. fresh overall. what’s up with the jdl logo though? aesthetically appealing, does it represent much besides reactionary politics and oft-times racist rhetoric? don’t know about the hasid with rifle either, but we can save that discussion for in-person time … take care

  5. i like it but the font shows up as times new roman on mine (though the old font shows up in the comments). i too could to for a crusty.

  6. whazza crusty?
    the font should be georgia, which is a standard webfont that comes on most pcs and macs running ie.

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