13 thoughts on “New Matisyahu Site Launches

  1. The artwork comes as close as possible to making a graffitied New York rooftop look beautiful.
    Anyone know if Mat’s first album will be coming back in print?
    And since we’re on the subject of Lubavitch-related mainstream breakthrough phenomena, I’d like to request some coverage of Dmitry Salita, fighting in two weeks on the undercard of a heavyweight title fight (OK, it’s just Rahman, but you find me a real heavyweight).

  2. yeah, shkoiach on the design. so matis is really going to be performing march 12th in texas, march 13th in cali, and then march 15th again in texas? hardcore. the man is dedicated.

  3. So that’s why it’s different. Very nice. Some feedback: the graphic in the top part is too big. It’s an awesome picture, but it takes up the whole page. Is there a way to condense it and make it smaller so that it takes up less of the screen?
    Very nice job.

  4. im feeling it.
    the new video for his new track youths not bad, although i didnt know he was a black panther (referring to fist in the air antics towards the end)

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