21 thoughts on “New Schoolers

  1. Hey, nice to see Jewschool moving outside the U.S. ghetto. (Next: beyond the Ashkenazi ghetto.)
    [Ducks, covers. Joking. Kind of.]

  2. Mobi-
    There are so many liberals, both in academics, or otherwise, with superb writing skills and sharp analytical insights. I may not agree with them, but at least I can appreciate what they have to say.
    Do you purposely go out of your way to find the liberals who write on a 9th grade level, and are as slow witted as they come?Where do you find these people?
    But then again, its doubtful that anyone who is highly intelligent would want to listen to your 7th grade tirades.
    You must have some friends at harvard and princeton. We need to do better than nyu and wustl.

  3. ohmigod! did you really get a 178 on your LSAT? wow, you must be, like, so smart! i can’t even believe i’m like, talking to you. well, i know it not really talking, but it almost like talking, and you have to be the smartest person i’ve almost talked to ever!!! when you write back (please please!!!), can you say something that’s like, super smart, so i can tell it to all my friends! they are so not going to believe this!!!

  4. Your response was not clever/ witty, nor was it even slightly amusing. Your attempts to mock me only serve to further embarrass yourself (in case your writing was not enough). You are indeed a moron. Stop being so pathetic.
    At the very least, learn how to write.
    and yes, I really did score a 178 on my lsat.

  5. LSAT 178:
    i’m just a casual observer/reader. Still, I feel compelled to say something here. Your tone is annoying and arrogant. Also, using your test score as your alias is an overt act of sad overcompensation, not genuine confidence. Aren’t you embarassed to display just how needy and desperate you are? I’m not trying to embarass you, only give you some perspective.

  6. IMO,
    Dickforce speaks the truth.
    If someone would have brought up this idea 10 years ago of chatting on a computer in forums, or ‘communities’, they would’ve been beaten to a pulp for being so pathetically nerdy.
    Long live the nerds for giving us the net.
    Shabbat shalom.

  7. Why is Jewschool completely reflective of Dan (Mobius)’s political leanings and there is no diversity, either with Israeli or US politics in Jewschool posters.

  8. Avi-
    I dont really have a problem with the folks at jewschool being reflective of mobis politics. I do, however, have a problem with them being reflective his poor reasoning and weak intellect.
    This site is fun to read, but for reasons not intended by mobi.

  9. Asaf, go back and write your piece of shit paper for your piece of shit school.
    Youl know what im talking about when you try to get a job, and realize that you would have recieved the same education and opportunities had you just went for that online degree you were considering.

  10. I mean, I just don’t know. First it’s your attempts to mock me only serve to further embarrass yourself (in case your writing was not enough). Then it’s go back and write your piece of shit paper for your piece of shit school.
    Poor fella. I wish he’d just make up his mind already.

  11. this is one of the funnier threads I have read on this site in a while. What exactly is “Youl”? I only got a 174 on the LSAT so I really don’t know what that means. Do tell! And since when did they do away with the “I before E except after C” rule?
    realize that you would have recieved the same education

  12. hahahahahahahaha
    your piece of shit school!
    did you hear, asaf? NYU sucks. it’s nowhere near as good as, uh, wherever LSAT178 went.
    so, uh, that makes him, you know, better than you.
    (i’m assuming it’s a him. i could be wrong. call it a hunch.)

  13. here’s another LSAT comment from a while back:
    “bush lied people died” may work at your left wing rallies, and may be enough to out-argue your idiot YU classmates, but they are far from enough to convince a fairly intelligent independent or moderate voter not to vote for bush.

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