14 thoughts on “New Shizzle 2008!

  1. Funny, I had a similar experience on the bus in DC yesterday. Two teenagers in Enyce and FUBU, ball caps, and bling were talking about how they were going out and getting “farschnickered.”

  2. wow!
    thats truly amazing! to think that hareidim would speak like that! shame on them!
    i’m being facetious of course.
    why must you post on this here website your un-interesting crap?
    i come here for some decent reports of goings-on in the jewish velt, not for your hareidi bashing of yesteryear.
    and while we’re at it, i might mention that indeed this website ain’t what it used to be.
    at least it used to have some semi decent writers and content.
    today there’s none of that.
    just the same drek going around again and again.

  3. jacob, I’m not sure how you could see this post as “hareidi bashing”. The only comment that feygele offers is to say “Amazing”. I would probably say the same thing if I saw a Nun, a Police Officer, or anybody else in uniform use profanity and discuss excessive alcohol consumption. If you’re angered by haredim saying such things in public, that’s probably an appropriate response. But, don’t kill the messenger.

  4. Actually, since Moby was booted out this place is far less offensive: moderation and tolerance seems to prevail.

  5. Actually I do know it but it is just fun to say it anyway: but in fact the whole tone of this site has become much more reasonable, less anti-Israeli, less anti frum, less extreme blinding leftist, since good old Moby left. So congrats to the new editors for making this a much more enjoyable site, hope that continues into 2008. May everyone have a healthy, happy, fulfilling New Year.

  6. bz:
    indeed, what am i doing here?
    i guess its like checking the fridge for the 100th time even though i havnt found any food the first 100 times.
    because maybe, just maybe i missed something. far out.
    to be honest though, sometimes there is a good shtikel.

  7. I miss Mobius. This used to be one-stop shopping for updates on what was going on in the Jewish world. Without his roundup (mishegas? whatever he called it) it’s just the random collection of what catches each poster’s interest. It doesn’t really have a “voice” like it used to.

  8. Siviyo, you’re right, that was a good feature, and perhaps one of the new editors should take on that task; but on the other hand don’t you feel so much cleaner under the new regime?

  9. Nope. I feel like there’s less direction/purpose. And less discourse. Even though I’ve never met any of the contributors I felt like I knew Mobius and enjoyed his perspective. I have a vague sense of what other commentators are into- a labor voice, a feminist voice or two, a Shabot creator- but I couldn’t identify anyone by moniker. For me, Mobius both identified significant community events and developments- things that I found relevant- and added dimension through commentary. I could read the Forward or JTA or whatever and know what’s going on, but I liked having Mobius as editor. I’m rereading and that sounds horribly offensive to the folks who I’m sure spend a lot of time and energy creating content for this site. It’s appreciated- I’m still here and I’m encouraged by the frequency of posts in recent months. But I guess his personality was what drew me to Jewschool and I’ve felt its absence. And I miss a lot of the old commentators.
    I’m humming Auld Lang Syne as I type.
    He isn’t anti-Israeli or anti-frum either, so drop it Incorrect.

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