New Teachings and Observations

Chag sameach to all. By now, most of the seders which will occur this year have. I thought this would be a good time for us to share some new insights from these years freedom feasts.* With that in mind I hope people will share such observations in the comments.
Personally, I had never related sample bias with miracles before someone connected them in the seder I participated in last night. We were talking about the process of going towards the Red Sea. One person wondered whether Moses knew it was there before he first saw it. If he did, perhaps he was smart not to mention it. It’s very hard to motivate people to come with you if they know they will be trapped between chariots and a body of water. If he didn’t know, man can you imagine how he would have felt upon first seeing the extent of the problem. We discussed the plan that led to *needing a miracle*. Then someone said, perhaps this isn’t as uncommon as we thought. We just don’t know about the people who get pinned between seas and armies and don’t make it across.
*I keep 1 day of chag, even in the diaspora. Here is an explanation.

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