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New Voices: The Body Issue

Bodies — legal and illegal — is the theme of the latest issue of New Voices magazine, the only national magazine by and for Jewish college students.
This month’s features look at the endangered state of women’s health at Stern College of Yeshiva University and the story of outlaw Jews involved in the Jewish mob. Continue reading to learn about Harvard students starving for workers’ better wages, obscure Jewish teachings on fingernail hygiene, a sex-panic in 1920s Boston, and a handful of other topics.

Also, a big welcome to Liz Alpern and Joshua Nathan-Kazis as the incoming director and editor for 2007 – 2009. Kudos to Ilana Sichel and Sarah Braunstein as they conclude two years at the Jewish Student Press Service — the magazine looks more beautiful than it ever did, covers the edgy news that Jewish students want to read, and the organization has once again survived through another debacle of speaking truth to power (read all about it in The Nation).
New Voices is free free free — subscribe here. Under two years out of university? Then become a contributor here. Want your synagogue’s students to receive it for free, too? Rock on.

One thought on “New Voices: The Body Issue

  1. Big kudos to New Voices for running the Stern paper. The magazine and the article’s author, Arielle Reich, deserves tons of credit for putting the story out there. I doubt my University will pay any attention (except maybe spreading condemnation) but it’s an important story nonetheless.

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