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NewGround Spotlight and a contest!

NewGround is one of our favorite organizations. Their main activity is a year long fellowship for Muslim and Jewish adults in which the participants learn communication and conflict resolution in order to further mutual respect and cooperation while allowing for difficult and tense conversations. Or as they say it:

NewGround equips Jews and Muslims in America with the skills, resources, and relationships needed to strengthen Muslim-Jewish relations and cooperation on issues of shared concern. Through an intensive fellowship, collaborative public programming and consulting, NewGround impacts a broad political and religious spectrum of Muslims, Jews and the institutions that represent them.

NewGround’s annual fundraiser/friendraiser event is called Spotlight. It is based on The Moth’s program of curated stories. This year’s theme is “The Space Between”. The event page on Facebook is here.
Jewschool is a proud co-sponsor of this event.
Each cosponsor has to provide a cookie for each audience member along with a small piece of paper that explains the cookie and how it represents our organization (it could be an ethnic cookie/sweet or a chocolate chip cookie). Now, admittedly, Jewschool is an organization only very loosely. But still.
So we are turning to you our faithful readers and interlocutors to decide what kind of cookie should represent Jewschool. The explanation will have to fit on a small piece of paper. The winner’s cookie and explanation will represent Jewschool to the wonderful folks who will gather for this event.
Please put your suggestions in the comments.
Just to get you psyched for this year’s event, after the jump are two pieces from last years Spotlight.

Remember—cookie suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

One thought on “NewGround Spotlight and a contest!

  1. I suggest a spicy hamentaschen, perhaps jalapeno chocolate. A classic Jewish cookie celebrating victory over Haman, with a new reminder that the exercise of power can be sharp on those who wield it too.

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