News Flash: The Lubavitcher Rebbe Controls The World!

So, the other day I found an odd link in my referer log and followed it to a Christian hate site, based in Alabama, which uses ineffible “logic” to prove the existence of an international Jewish conspiracy.

Now of course, you hear this shit all the time, and it’s generally anything but amusing. But this—man this is rich. They think that Chabad is a world-wide conspiracy, the Lubavitcher Rebbe put Bush into office to bring about the end times, Olam Haba means the subjugation of gentiles to Jewish supremacy, the Talmud was our way of subjugating the world to our twisted Torah-violating laws, and that we’re all worshippers of the Canaanite sun god Ba’al! Oh, and we’re all going to burn in hell because we killed Jesus.

Actually, you know what—that’s not that funny. Man, some people need to seek severe psychological counseling and actually read something other than hate sites and conspiracy theorists on the Internet. When I told the guy to unlink my image from his site, he told me (among other things) that the Rebbe was a member of the Bund, which was Hitler’s elite squad! Unfuckinreal. Then his friend emailed me and told me that anything you publish to the Internet is public domain and that the Internet is operated by the United Nations which doesn’t enforce copyright laws. What a couple of dumbasses. They don’t even speak coherent English.

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