Next Wednesday: Don't miss Eden MiQedem

Shmuel Nelson is arguably the most popular musician among religious American olim living in the Jerusalem area. His band, Eden MiQedem, which performs an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern music and psychedelic rock, has played at roughly every wedding I’ve ever attended in Israel — and not because they’re necessarily a wedding band, but because they’re just so generally awesome that everyone in the Nahlaot/Bat Ayin/Moshav chevre demands them at their wedding.
Now, I now, saying that a bunch of Orthodox hippies love these guys isn’t much of a selling point for some of you out there, but believe me, Eden MiQedem is phenomenal.
I’m actually sitting on an interview I did with Shmuel, shortly before I left Jerusalem, which I keep intending to make part of our first ever Jewschool podcast, but since recording it, I’ve been continually sidetracked and unable to do so. Regardless, you may recall his version of “Yedid Nefesh” which I included in this past year’s Jewschool Chanukah mixtape.
At any rate, Shmuel is coming ’round this way next week and will be performing on the Upper West Side at Triad. Support an independent Jewish artist and, in the process, catch some live, bad-ass, Middle Eastern rock music that’ll keep you movin’ through the night. You won’t be disappointed.
Eden MiQedem
Wednesday, June 6th @ 9:00 PM
Triad, 158 West 72nd Street (b/t Broadway & Columbus)
$10 admission (cash) plus 2 drink minimum

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