NK shul fire not arson

This is me eating my hat. Why? Because I keep my word.
It tastes awful, by the way.
The AP reports (in full):

A boy playing with matches burned down the synagogue of an anti-Israel Orthodox Jewish group, not Zionist opponents, police said Friday.
The 15-year-old boy was charged with criminal mischief and referred to Family Court in the April 1 fire that wrecked the Congregation Bais Yehudi synagogue, about 40 miles north of New York City, said Ramapo police Sgt. John Lynch.
Some synagogue members had claimed the blaze was set by Zionists opposed to their anti-Israel views. Members of the group, Neturei Karta, routinely burn the Israeli flag, heckle marchers in Israel Day parades and pray for the end of the Jewish state. A few members prompted outrage when they traveled to Iran to participate in a Holocaust-denial conference.
But Lynch said the fire was caused by the boy “recklessly throwing matches around.”
No one was injured in the fire, which gutted the building.


3 thoughts on “NK shul fire not arson

  1. Ha! We all already knew that you were a man of your word Mobius. That said, the photo still brightened up my morning. Now if only the NK had to eat their hats; that would be an impressive feat.
    The article begs the question, is there a way to throw around lit matches that isn’t reckless?

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