9 thoughts on “NK’s At It Again

  1. SMACK!!!!!!!!!! Thats the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
    I got a Chabad shul, they are zionist, for israel NOW and yadda yadda

  2. i don’t know why neteuri karta are still news. Who gives a sh*t what they do, just because they dress up in chassid outfits and cavort with terrorists, why is that of interest to anyone anymore?

  3. members of the tiny Natorei Karta group
    I really am sick of hearing about them, think that they aren’t the novelty that they might used to have been. My head’s not going to explode about this tiny group of Jews who admit that they are waiting for the messiah to rejoin us. My head sooner ‘explodes’ here more often with the discussion we churn out.
    I think the progressive thing to do is ignore them. There really are a million more things to worry about besides this. When are Jews going to stop being so self-centred about their ‘image’ that other non-related Jews might damage?

  4. Got into it with a rapid anti-Semite yesterday on some military blog. Anyway, he keeps posting URL’s to NK, as if to say: “See, Jews think like me as well”. Here’s the money quote:
    “Zionism was worse than anything that Hilter did”

  5. I was recently at a shul that had a number of Satmar visitors for Shabbos (very affable fellows, I have to say). When the discussion at shalosh seudos got around to NK, they got a little agitated, and said that they were not accepted or supported by most Satmar chassidim. I think they were most worried about NK’s friendliness with terrorist types and very concerned about distancing themselves. Purely anecdotal, but interesting for me (I don’t get much interaction with the Satmars).

  6. MY Neighbor grewup Satmar (ran away). He says the ones verily anti Israel are mental (he knows them personally), and shocked No, I see many APologists on this site saying the same thing in different words.. Helping to weaken Israel

  7. Off subject I don’t mind the spamblock thingy, but I just had to type “fucking” to put my post through is that reallly necessary

  8. its one thing to disagree with the idea of a state of israel, its another to join the enemy, and by enemy i mean those who want each and every jew to live in a jewish state at the botom of the ocean. i agree with sausage.

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