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No Holocaust, but no Israel either?

According to a JTA “breaking news” story, a recent poll by the ADL ( which, IMO makes it immediately suspect, but for what agenda exactly at this point is unclear) of Israeli teens show that they do not believe that a second Holocaust could happen. However, 30 percent (of 500 teens, not exactly a huge sample) think Israel is “under a serious threat of destruction.” Another 52 percent say “Israel is under a certain threat of destruction.”
And so this means…that the ADL asks leading questions to teens…?

2 thoughts on “No Holocaust, but no Israel either?

  1. What I want to know is this: If (in the opinion of the pollsters asking leading questions) Israel is no deterrent to a second holocaust, then why bother keeping up a country in the first place? And if Israel is under a threat of destruction, then doesn’t that mean the Zionist project failed in its goals – namely to establish a state where Jews would not live under threats?

  2. Amit, you totally, utterly, inexcusably misunderstand the “goals” of the Zionist project. And you’re a product of the Israeli state school system? Pretty sad state of affairs.

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