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Now that the bombing is over lets get back to the humanitarian crisis

Gisha: The Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, reports that Israel Is preventing repair of the electrical, water and sewage systems in Gaza.

Ten days after the ceasefire, and despite promises to permit humanitarian aid to reach Gaza residents, Israel is continuing its deliberate policy of restricting supply of industrial diesel and humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip.The policy, in place for the past 15 months, is preventing the supply of electricity to humanitarian facilities in Gaza.
As a result of the restrictions on the supply of industrial diesel and the mass devastation caused by the military operation, 1/4 million people have been entirely without electricity for over a month, and more than 200,000 people are denied access to running water. Those who receive electricity — suffer power outages of 16-18 hours per day, on average.
Ihab Abu Zaiter, a 32-year-old father of three, living east of Jabaliya, whose home was partially destroyed in the bombings, has been living entirely without electricity for the past month:“We don’t buy any food that requires refrigeration; it’s like living in the Middle Ages,” he said. “We light a fire inside the house in order to keep the children warm.This is a very cold month, and we can’t sleep without the fire, but I’m afraid that the rest of the house will catch fire or that the children will burn themselves

And so it goes. Full report here.

One thought on “Now that the bombing is over lets get back to the humanitarian crisis

  1. Restricting humanitarian aid is bad. Very bad.
    So too the ongoing firing of rockets on Israeli cities is bad. Very bad.

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