13 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call A Capo

  1. Nice try Mobius.
    Perhaps the GOP and the right will sell them out, hard to say…
    On the other hand, the Left already has.
    Gee what a hard choice to make…

  2. Once again . . . even if you think you can trust the reactionaries (which I don’t think you can), we definitely can’t trust the Bush/Walker family.

  3. “There are four issues that draw people to Israel,” Mr. Fleischer said.
    • Politics — pleasing one’s Jewish constituency by voting for support of the Jewish state.
    • Religion — many members of the Christian right have “a newfound, powerful commitment to Israel.”
    • Values — “shared beliefs of democracy and freedom.”
    • And, lastly, the war on terror, the burden of which both nations shoulder, Mr. Fleischer said.

    I’m with you Mobius. Ari is a sellout extraordinaire
    He comes from liberal roots but has betrayed them in an instant to work for people who are using him
    What is he talking about here anyway “pleasing one’s Jewish constituency” – If Jews make up 2% of America then how can the votes really count in the greater scheme of things ? I don’t believe that’s a real motivation for them. As James Baker allegedly once said.. “Fuck the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyhow”. Besides, polls show that over 60% of American Jews are for the peace process – not for starting unprovoked wars in a circle around Israel as Sharon, and the right-wing Christian “men of peace” push for.
    He is so full of it when he claims “many members of the Christian right have “a newfound, powerful commitment to Israel.” – that’s a crock and of course he knows it. The religious right loonies think sending all the Jews to Israel will bring about the second coming of Jesus, and that the Israelis will convert to Christianity. (see “An Unholy Alliance in Support of Israel” by Jo-Ann Mort, Los Angeles Times – May 19, 2002, “What About Those End Times, Mr. President?” by Edward Ericson, Hartford Advocate and “A Strange kind of freedom” by Robert Fisk, The Independent – July 9th, 2002)
    As far as the “shared beliefs of democracy and freedom.” part goes, we’ve been over that, almost ad nauseum already

  4. I swear – you must be smoking some strong stuff to be able to follow this train.
    The anti-semitism on the left is so thick now that it is even being noticed by liberals (See Phyllis Chesler’s new book – as well as the one by Alan Dershowitz)
    The Capos are the Leftists who march alongside those who blame 9/11 on the Mossad, terrorism on the existence of Israel, and the current state of affairs on ‘neo-cons’.
    When are you going to wake up?

  5. Thought you’d enjoy this from todays San Fran Chronicle:
    Sunday, Nov. 23, 2003
    “Even here in the Bay Area this new anti-Semitism is present: Self-avowed “progressives” distributed leaflets Sept. 16 at an anti-Israel event on Market Street that denounced American Jews as “fifth columnists” and called for the purge of Jews from American politics; and the Web site of another local group includes the following posting from one anti-Israel activist: “Support for Israel = endless war on the Arab world until they succumb to Jewish Supremacism, and don’t think it will stop with the Arab Muslim world.”
    Oh, those peace loving leftists…..

  6. …er, no. the capo is the one who takes a job as spokesman for the grandson of the chief funder of the american eugenics movement.
    the majority of jews on the left are antizionists and justifiably so at this point in history. israel’s military occupation of the west bank and gaza are solely to blame for the rising tide of antisemitism. and the jews on the left are capable of proving to those susceptible to antisemitic idiocy that jews aren’t the demons they might be led to believe; where as right wing assholes do nothing but reinforce such delusions.

  7. 1. Should we hold you responsible for the actions of your grandfather? You are such a hypocrite.
    2. Do I smell some blame the victim in your argument? Funny how you just recently deplored such reasoning. When you argue that if we simply get in bed with the anti-semites they might stop hating us you are the worst offender. The Left chooses to ignore all of the evidence of how much effort Israel has made for peace and how devoted the Arabs are to Israel’s destruction, but as a lackey for the Left your cognitive dissonance has led you to accept their propaganda and hate your own brothers as criminals who deserve their fate…A smarter person would respond by abandoning the people who hate his nation.

  8. The anti-semitism on the left is so thick now that it is even being noticed by liberals (See Phyllis Chesler’s new book – as well as the one by Alan Dershowitz)
    Alan Dershowitz – a “liberal” ?? you must be kidding
    Prof. Dershowitz writes articles in favor of legalized torture and openly supported the murder of innocents as “legitimate”
    The Professor of Torture : Alan Dershowitz’s Mad World
    “In March 2002, Dershowitz penned a piece for the ‘Jerusalem Post’ that argued for the collective punishment of Palestinian villages for acts of violence sponsored by Palestinian individuals or groups. He proposed that any act of violence sponsored by an individual Palestinian would result in Israel’s destruction of an entire pre-announced Palestinian village.
    He also publicly stated that Nathan Lewin’s proposal that Israel execute the family members of suicide bombers was “legitimate.” Israeli currently began a policy of expelling family members of suicide bombers from their villages. Before, they merely demolished their homes.”

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