26 thoughts on “Now With Walk-On-Water Action!

  1. Some thoughts come to mind. –
    1- Are we sure there are no plastic Moses or Maccabees acion figures?- though it is not quite the same.
    2- Old song
    I don’t care if it rains or freezes
    ‘long as I got my plastic Jesus
    Riding on the dashboard facing me.
    Look at Jesus nice and purty,
    Wipe him off when he gets dirty.
    Riding on the dashboard facing me.
    Jesus Jesus quie contrary,
    I’ve still got my plastic Mary,
    Riding on the dashboard facing me.
    Jesus Christ and the seven graces,
    Got ’em all for a quarter at Macy’s.
    Riding on the dashboard facing me.

  2. Wow. Some of my christian friends walking by weren’t too happy with it, but most found it funny. It is.

  3. do they have “evil sanhedrin jew” with? (note to self: talking about mel gibson at happy hour does not necessarily jive with the theme “happy” hour….)
    …and i just love the little blonde boy! (and the fake cloud background with the line down the middle where the wallpaper ended)

  4. Making fun of the crucifixion of Jesus is about as funny to Christians as making fun of the Holocaust is to Jews.
    Ha. Ha. Ha.
    I’m certainly not laughing. Sorry to be a stick in the mud – I do have a sense of humor, but this is tasteless.

  5. What’s the difference between this and jewwatch propaganda?
    So sensitive, when it comes to your religion. BUT when it comes to Christ, it’s open game.
    Maybe I’m wrong, please explain the difference

  6. the difference between this and “jewwatch propaganda”, christian, is that we’re poking fun at christian theology, we’re not demonizing christian people. jewwatch isn’t trying to be funny, it’s trying to get people killed. i’m not out to kill anyone, just their false idols.
    oh snap.

  7. This action figure is a disgrace to all religions. As a Jew, I am sickened by this and apologize for this distasteful joke.

  8. I could have sworn that I rhetorically killed that dude [G-D] the other day on jakeneck … hmmmm… I guess young Master Hey-zeus is different… anyway.

  9. why do “the jewish people” need to apologize for me linking to someone else’s website that “we” had nothing to do with the creation of.
    give me a freaking break. if i linked to the church of satan, would i have to apologize on behalf of all jewish people for it’s existence as well?
    y’all peoples is ridiculous.

  10. i think mo1 is right about being theology. my christian friends have told me, the whole roman execution thing is the center of their religion. perhaps it’s distasteful to suggest their religion is for sale, but didn’t gibson show that it is? why can’t the action figure industry make a buck off of it too?

  11. Dan, I didn’t see the Purim of the Christ picture http://www.jewschool.com/purim5764/purimchrist.jpg) previously – but if I would have, I would have thought it disgusting, as I do now.
    Again – Rutgers puts out a magazine depicting Jewish people being killed, and you’re offended – but mocking the death of yet another Jewish person tortured and bleeding as he hangs dying is comical? What, because you aren’t a Christian? Humanity is humanity. It is horrific when anyone is tortured, mutilated, or killed, regardless of their religion. You can’t just be sensitive about the ones who share your religious or political views.
    I know you probably meant to be funny, but there is nothing funny about torture and death. You know I think you’re a brilliant, talented, and wonderful human being, but you can’t have such a double standard.

  12. although i know its jesus at another age, christains have been putting up figurines of biblical characters forever in nativity scenes..

  13. wow, what’s next a god action figure created in what’s the belief of how he looks..? Honestly I mean if they came out with any Jewish Memorbillia related to action figures, I’d be disgraceful to say that the Jewish faith has turned into less orthodox ways, and turned into something as low as a plastic figurine. Maybe if somehow it wasn’t all bout making a few dollars..

  14. Isn’t it ironic that Jesus, a Jew, was put on trial and crucified by non-Jews whose descendents persecuted and murdered Jews in the name of Jesus?????
    Jesus is a Jewish symbol, he represents the horrific suffering and murder perpetrated on Jews, by non-Jews, before, during, and after Jesus’ life.

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