NSA Documents Clear Israel on Liberty Attack

A judge in Florida has petitioned the National Security Agency for documents pertaining to the USS Liberty incident (in which it is alleged that, during the Six Day War, Israel purposefully attacked a US naval vessel) only to discover that, not only is there no evidence to support the claim that Israel attacked the ship on purpose, but that the U.S. has—on record—evidence to the contrary, and that it was, in fact—as Israel claims—an accident.

4 thoughts on “NSA Documents Clear Israel on Liberty Attack

  1. Do a google news search – I think the general consensus is far from conclusive as to whether or not it was an accident. It definetly seems they have pinned the Israelis with gross negligence, and that the transcripts, while not confirming guilt, dont go all the way towards exonerating Israel. That’s at least the impression that I got from the handful of articles I read. I’m going to blog a wrap up later.

  2. In regards to the US coverup. It had nothing to do with Israel. It had to do with the fact that the pengtagon was scared shitless by the fact their command and control systems were severly broken (such as the fact that the Liberty was ordered not to be where it was, but it never received that order) and they didn’t was the soviets to know about this (remembering that this is 67, a few years after the cuban missle crises).
    in terms of nowadays, the US probably doesn’t see anything to gain from persuing it in depth.

  3. its wierd. almost every place i hear about it / talk to people about it, the feeling seems to be israel did it intentionally, but that’s ok.

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