Nu? Vat took you so long?

It makes so much sense it’s shocking it hasn’t happened previously, but New Yiddish Rep, a New York-based theatre company, is putting on Waiting For Godot in a new Yiddish translation (with English and Russian supertitles).
They’re still raising money for the show, which debuts in September. I don’t know anything about this company, but let’s hope their shows have higher production values than their website.

2 thoughts on “Nu? Vat took you so long?

  1. You won’t see chandeliers swinging down from the ceiling or heart stopping pyrotechnics. “Waiting For Godot” is, as all of Beckett’s work, refreshingly minimalist. Production values are too often a convenient way to obscure a weak plot or poor direction.
    Nevertheless, when we can afford it, or if you know someone willing to volunteer their time and talent, we can certainly use help with our website.
    Thanks for helping with our fundraising campaign.
    David Mandelbaum
    Founder/Artistic Director
    New Yiddish Rep

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