5 thoughts on “NYPD Attorneys Claim Hasidic Witnesses Plotted in Synagogue

  1. Why so foul? You think it couldn’t be true? It happens all the time, but singling them out for their faith, that’s another story.

  2. yeah, we don’t go to shul to daven and study–we go to conspire against the police.
    in the heated antisemitic climate of today, all this does is drive another nail in the coffin of public opinion of jewish people.
    to suggest that all the witnesses are going to conspire with each other to screw the defendant just because they’re all chasidim from the same neighborhood is foul as all hell.

  3. I don’t think they’re trying to screw the defendent, just cause they are chasidim, and it may even be just to fight this one, but synagogue can be used for many things.
    For non-religious Jews, they go there for other reasons than davening, and teh religious hang out there often more than once a day. It is possible that they met in a common neighborhood location to support one another.
    I’ve also seen make-shift synagogues in peoples’ homes. Does this mean that people don’t conspire in their homes, either?

  4. It is a foul accusation
    It’s also pretty foul that the US Department of ‘Homeland Security’ sends undercover operatives into Mosques all over America, IMO

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