Of Lies and Violins

An IDF investigation has concluded that Wissam Tayem, the controversial checkpoint violinist, was not forced to play an impromptu performance for Israeli bordguards, an incident which has sparked outrage all throughout the country, evoking for some memories of the Shoah. The violinist ain’t havin’ it though and is sticking to his, er, guns. (Bad, bad idiom.) Clearly somebody’s lyin’. At least we know it ain’t Machsom Watch.

2 thoughts on “Of Lies and Violins

  1. According to the story,
    “I felt humiliated,” Tayam said. “I always identified with the Jews who suffered in Europe [at the time of the Nazis] and after that they come and do the same thing to us.”
    “Come and do the same thing”? Maybe the IDF should find this guy and really do the same thing. Then our violinist friend could really identify with the Jews who suffered (if only briefly).

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