Jo from OffsetShmoffset asked me to post this and I’m gladly doing so:
Atmospheric T’shuvah
Shofar got you taking stock of your impact in the world? On this, the first Elul since the launch of An Inconvenient Truth, consider calculating your carbon footprint: the carbon emissions that you personally cause when you drive, fly or use electricity.
As a first step towards taking action against climate change, consider purchasing a TerraPass. TerraPass will invest in renewable energy projects that take the same amount of carbon out of the air as your car, plane flight, or electricity use puts in. Then they’ll send you a nifty bumper sticker to let the world know that you’ve cleaned up after yourself.
And now, through a new site called OffsetShmoffset*, a percentage of proceeds from all TerraPass purchases will be shared with progressive Jewish organizations.
Jews fighting climate change … because you don’t have to tell us that the truth can be inconvenient.
* OffsetShmoffset is a member of the TerraPass Affiliate program.

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